Photography compilation and flavor by Matt Nelson (@dog_rates)
Game design by Darren Watts, Ben Walker, and Stephen Tasker

They're good dogs, Brent! In this fast-paced card game for 3–6 players based on the massively successful Twitter account We Rate Dogs (@dog_rates), good dogs compete to be the very best! Choose your favorite pups to enter a competitive dog show and use cards to improve their rating, bring down the competition, or cause chaos for a puptastic good time! Only one dog can be named the Goodest Dog, but not to worry: no dog will ever be less than a 10/10! 

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The Card Game


Each dog has a set of six scored categories (none less than 10/10) and an overall “Goodness” score. After adopting dogs from the shelter, players join a dog show and, when one of the six categories (Floof, Sass, Boopability, Zoom, Ears, or Wag) is chosen for judging, send their best doggos into the ring to compete. Players can then play event cards for any number of game-changing results, including lowering or increasing a certain dog’s rating number, changing the judging category, distracting dogs out of the competition entirely, swapping dogs with other players, and so much more! Each judging round includes three chances to play event cards, so players can strategize and play for the long or short term. The dog with the highest rating at the end of the judging round will go to the winner’s circle! Once the Winner’s Circle is full of good dogs, there is one final judging round for overall Goodness—but event cards can still provide chaotic and unexpected results before one dog is finally named the Goodest Dog!

• 3-6 players 

• Ages 8+

• Playing time: 30-60 minutes

• Includes: 50 Dog Cards, 100 Event Cards, 1 category die, Winner's Circle board, player tokens and first player card


680 2nd Street, San Francisco CA 94107

415 537 4200

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